Hi! We’re Beau, Karen, and Ava. We’re the names behind Aspen Hat Company. It’s a family run business built on making high quality leather patch hats and taking care of our greatly valued customers is of the utmost importace to us.  You’re just not going to find run-of-the-mill, leatherette, heat pressed patch hat here, oh no.  You’re going to get a genuine leather.  UV and water protected.  Always sewn. Trucker hat. Every single hat touches each of our hands in the process of making your hat!

We’re originally from Minnesota and we’ve lived in Arizona since 2013 searching for more sun and less snow. Our families all thought we were nuts! Both of us (Beau and Karen) grew up in a family business. Being part of a family business the values of small business is at our core.

In 2020 at the peak of the bad C word there was an incident that would change our lives forever as we knew it. Beau had an accident which lead to him suffering from the emotional and physical consequences of that ever since. Because of the resulting PTSD he with anxiety and panic attacks which make it harder for him to have a job outside of the home. During some of the most difficult times of our lives we were trying to figure out how Beau and I could make a living with our new reality and also hoping to create an opportunity that our daughter could be a part of.

Beau had the idea to start a new and totally different business from where we’ve landed at and have for you today. So, what began as us making wood products morphed into us making some of the highest quality leather patch hats you’ll find in the market today and at a price point that’s affordable for most families and businesses.  There was a lot of trial and error, literal sweat and tears, and countless hours spent on the process we now take to make our genuine leather patch hats.
We get our inspiration mostly from family and nature as you’ll see in many of the designs we offer.  On our website we strive to make and find designs you won’t see just everywhere using genuine leather and always sewn.

Every stitch, every cut, and every design is carefully thought out and executed with meticulous attention to detail. We pour our hearts into each hat that leaves our hands to make sure you are getting the best quality leather patch hat made.
Let’s connect on social media to keep up to date with our process, what we’re up to, and new designs we’re selling.

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